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The importance of death penalty certification

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Violent Crimes

The majority of people don’t ever imagine that they’re going to be the ones to kill others. They don’t think they’ll cause a fatal accident or have to defend themselves in life-or-death scenarios.

Unfortunately, people do get in trouble with the law, and if that trouble involves murder, they could be facing the death penalty in some cases. Yes, Pennsylvania does still have the death penalty, and it could be used in rare cases where a death is caused violently and maliciously.

Today, Pennsylvania uses lethal injection as its main means of execution. When you look at the statistics about the death penalty, though, you’ll notice that executions aren’t actually carried out very often. Out of the 408 people who were sentenced to death in the state in the last 40 years, only around half remain on death row. Only three had actually been executed.

That being said, if your case involves a death or murder, you do want to take steps to protect yourself. One of the ways to do that is by selecting an attorney who is death penalty certified to give you more information on your rights.

What does it mean to be death penalty certified?

When an attorney is death penalty certified, they have taken the time to go through additional steps and training to become certified on how to handle cases involving the potential for the death penalty. These cases tend to be complex, and they can often be difficult to work on.

For attorneys to become death penalty certified, they need to meet qualifications set by the Continuing Legal Education Board and have to try death penalty cases. The cases only count toward the certification if they go to trial.

The reason you’d want to find a death penalty certified attorney is because you’ll know that they’re familiar with the court process for this kind of case. They’ll have more experience than those who are not certified, and they should provide higher quality support and representation to you.

This type of case is frustrating and can be life-altering. You need to have someone on your side to support you and make sure you understand all of your rights.