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November 2013 Archives

20-year-old facing murder charges in Luzerne County

Often when the public hears of murder allegations, the automatic assumption is that the accused individual is guilty. However, the criminal justice system affords the due process of law to everyone accused of a crime, no matter how serious the allegation. Pennsylvania residents should keep in mind that everyone accused of a violent crime must be presumed innocent unless or until the prosecution can prove otherwise.

Fight in Scranton home leads to assault charge

Allegations of assault can have long-term consequences for the accused. Sometimes relatively minor physical contact falls into the assault category, while other cases involve allegations of extreme violence. Defendants facing either type of situation have a right to defend against the charge.

Drug, weapons charges follow home raid in Scranton

Drug crime convictions in Pennsylvania can carry mandatory minimum sentences, depending how much of an illegal substance prosecutors claim a defendant had. With the stakes so high, it is important for anyone accused of a drug crime to be aware of the available legal options for achieving the best possible outcome.

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