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April 2014 Archives

Check writing leads to criminal charges for Pennsylvania man

Although many Pennsylvania residents may believe that being accused of or charged with a violent crime is one of the most serious and stressful things that can happen, the implications of being charged with certain nonviolent crimes are sometimes just as severe. Despite the belief that people are innocent until proven guilty, many people reach their own conclusions as to a person's guilt as soon as they hear about a person's alleged criminal activity. As a result, it is often as important to work to defend one's reputation after being charged with these kinds of crimes as it is to strongly defend against the criminal charges.

Assault charges face Pennsylvania man after resisting arrest

Some crimes tend to elicit a greater reaction from both the public and law enforcement. This is often the case with violent crime, because people believe that those who commit crimes like assault are inherently dangerous. While this is sometimes true, many violent crimes are simply the result of a loss of self-control or flared tempers and no premeditated crime was contemplated. Nevertheless, the penalties for violent crimes can be severe, especially when the use of a weapon is involved or when violence is committed against a law enforcement officer.

Immigrants face deportation risk after criminal charges

When Pennsylvania residents think about penalties for criminal actions, they often think about jail time, fines and probation. However, there are many other long-term consequences of arrests and criminal charges that may have even more severe negative effects on a person's life. This is especially true for people who may be excluded from housing or employment options because of a criminal conviction or for immigrants who face deportation if convicted of certain crimes.

Drug charges for three Pennsylvania residents

Many law enforcement agencies and police departments put a great deal of time, resources and manpower into the war on drugs. As a result, people involved with marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth or other drugs often find themselves facing serious criminal charges unexpectedly after their home is searched on a tip or when the vehicle is searched after a traffic stop. In many situations, however, addiction plays a role in the drug-related activity and stiff criminal penalties may not be what is needed to make a difference in the defendants' activities. Arguing a strong defense to get the charges reduced and enable the person to participate in a treatment program may be a more successful result.

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