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May 2015 Archives

: Surveillance tape, auto sales records lead to robbery suspect

The widespread use of security cameras often assist police in finding persons who may have robbed a convenience store, bank or other business that uses such devices. In a recent case, police in Lackawanna County used a video surveillance tape and automobile sales records to identify and arrest the suspect in a local bank robbery.

: Can a person accused of DUI choose the BAC test to be used?

In the last post, this blog reviewed the broad outlines of Pennsylvania's implied consent law. Last week, the application of the implied consent law to persons with various medical conditions was raised in a case argued before the state's Supreme Court.

: A summary of Pennsylvania's implied consent law

The phrase "implied consent" in the context of drunk driving refers to a Pennsylvania statute that requires everyone who operates a motor vehicle to submit to "one or more chemical tests" to determine the "alcoholic content" of their blood or the presence of a controlled substance. The law is premised on the rule that driving is a privilege and that the privilege is conditioned upon possessing a valid driver's license and, among other requirements, the implicit giving of consent to the tests specified in the statute. Because the statute can lead to an automatic driver's license suspension, every licensed driver should understand how the law operates.

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