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July 2015 Archives

Police use internet clues to find child pornographer

No one in Lackawanna County is likely to be surprised to learn that the internet is frequently used to view pornography, but some may be surprised to learn that such use is not always anonymous and is not always legal. The recent arrest of a Pittston man for a variety of sex crimes involving internet child pornography illustrates how police can use internet technology to find this type of crime.

Web page ads lead to prostitution arrests

The internet is familiar to most people in Lackawanna County. Many use it to make purchases and to sell things. Some even use it for criminal purposes. In a recent state and federal investigation, a web site called "backpage.com" led police to five individuals who were arrested and charged with various sex crimes relating to prostitution.

Attempt to evade police leads to assault, DUI charges

No one likes to see the flashing emergency lights on a squad car in their rear view mirror, but trying to run away from those lights can be a serious mistake. Last week, a Scranton man attempted to flee police to escape a DUI charge, and he wound up facing several serious criminal charges in addition to the DUI.

Complex missing person case also involves marijuana and assault

A recent Lackawanna County case that began as a routine missing persons investigation produced a bizarre sequence of events that have led to numerous criminal charges, including drug offenses, concealing a minor child and assault.

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