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Dispute over party cover charge leads to homicide charges

Two pre-St. Patrick's Day parties in a Scranton apartment building appear to have resulted in two violent crimes committed by the same man. Despite accusatory statements from several eyewitnesses, the man was still proclaiming his innocence after being arrested and charged with both crimes.

Distraught man tries to force girlfriend to shoot him

The cascade of emotions that can be unleashed when one person tries to end a romantic relationship can take many forms. Alcohol can often intensify the emotions and leads to domestic violence. The recent arrest of a Lackawanna County man shows how these ingredients can quickly reach a dangerous boil.

Mental incompetence of defendant delays murder trial

Most people in Pennsylvania are aware that a criminal defendant's mental health may prevent a conviction, but few people realize that the mental health of the defendant is really a two-level test. The first test is a determination of whether the defendant is capable of understanding the trial proceedings and assisting in his defense. In other words, is the defendant mentally competent to stand trial?

Assault charges may become homicide charges

A case that began with an unusual arrest and resulted in aggravated assault charges against a Scranton man may ultimately become a murder case. The final charges may not be known for several weeks because they will depend upon the outcome of a lengthy medical inquiry by the Lackawanna County coroner.

"Active shooter" wounded, arrested at Berwick industrial park.

A new type of violent crime is invading northeastern Pennsylvania. Dubbed "active shooter" cases by the FBI, an outburst of gun violence at an industrial park in Berwick, Pennsylvania became the second such case in reported in October.

Man charged with assault after using car to attack deputies

Many weapons are used in assaults - knives, guns, baseball bats, rocks - even, on occasion, automobiles. In a recent case involving four Lackawanna county deputy sheriffs, a man was charged with a dozen criminal counts relating to assault for using his car in an attempt to run down two of the officers.

Murder may involve love triangle

Two men vying for the same woman may have set the stage for a grisly murder in central Pennsylvania. While details about the crime are sketchy at the moment, police have released enough information about the murder to indicate that the both the murderer and his alleged victim were interested in the same woman.

Pennsylvania man charged with murder, despite denial

A Scranton man has been charged the murder of the woman who lived across the hall from him in a suburban apartment building. The suspect has vehemently denied that he committed the murder, but police have disclosed certain forensic evidence that they say will be decisive at trial.

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