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What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement charges can be serious charges for an accused individual to face which is why anyone charged with embezzlement may rightly wonder what the charge entails. By definition, embezzlement refers to the fraudulent taking of personal property by a party it was entrusted to. Embezzlement can occur whether the personal property in question is transferred to a third party or not and is most commonly understood as the misappropriation of money.

Pennsylvania woman facing fraud charges and accusations

The criminal justice system provides important rights and protections for accused individuals to be familiar with. In a Pennsylvania community southwest of the Carbondale area a transportation supervisor was recently accused of stealing greater than $179,000 from a school district. According to authorities, the 38-year old woman is accused of submitting fraudulent invoices from a transportation company to the school district for payment and then keeping the checks without the transportation company's knowledge that the invoice was sent or the check was issued.

Legal defenses to extortion in Pennsylvania

A previous blog post discussed the possible penalties for extortion in Pennsylvania. A conviction for extortion may result in a fine of up to $15,000 and up to seven years' imprisonment, depending on the value of the property that was extorted. There are some legal defenses to the crime of extortion in Pennsylvania which may be asserted depending on the circumstances of the case.

Possible penalties for extortion convictions in Pennsylvania

Extortion can be committed in person, over the phone, by mail and via text or email. If interstate commerce was used, federal investigations may lead to it being charged as a federal crime. Extortion is considered a theft-related offense in Pennsylvania. Therefore, to be found guilty, the elements of the underlying crime of theft must be met, in addition to the element of coercion or intimidation.

Several Pennsylvanians facing insurance fraud allegations

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania announced that 21 people from the western part of Pennsylvania are facing allegations of insurance fraud. This is just the latest step in a crackdown that the Attorney General's Insurance Fraud Section claims has led to 163 criminal charges and over $750,000 in restitution payments.

Penalties for identity theft in Pennsylvania

Identity theft is when someone uses another person's identifying information to further an unlawful purpose. This crime has evolved over the past two decades largely due to the internet, which allows for more sophisticated attempts to steal identity such as phishing scams. Identity theft complaints nearly doubled between 2010 and 2015, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Avoid tax fraud when claiming a home office deduction

Many people in Carbondale work from home. Flexibility, savings and comfort are just a few of the perks that come with the job. However, the conveniences of working from home may also come with the complication of claiming a home office deduction on tax returns.

Defending a charge of securities fraud

With the growing popularity and accessibility of the stock market, securities fraud is now one of the most common types of fraud charges filed. Because of the unpredictable fluctuation of the stock market, alleged victims will have to prove more than just a loss of money. Several theories can be used to support a securities fraud claim, each of which contains possible defenses.

Spotlight on public officials accused of corruption

Allegations of impropriety by Pennsylvania government officials are on the rise, according to reports. Due to the notoriety and public scrutiny of individuals facing these charges, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is a difficult one to fight for, particularly in the court of public opinion.

Initiating a defense against government corruption charges

When individuals in Pennsylvania are charged with a crime, it can be difficult to prove their innocence when so many have already decided they are guilty. While criminal accusations can carry with them a variety of personal and professional consequences, this should not prevent the accused from initiating a criminal defense and attempting to prove that he or she is innocent.

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