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Our Major Cases

1. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Hugo Selenski (Most Notorious Criminal in Northeastern Pennsylvania, with five-dead bodies in the backyard – Sentenced to Life in Prison avoiding the Death Penalty, Guilty at Trial of First-Degree Murder – as an Accomplice)

2. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Tristan Kurilla (10-year-old boy charged as an Adult with Murder of an elderly woman in his home – Certified to Juvenile Court for Disposition)

3. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Jason Dominick (23-year-old man charged with the Murder of Frank Bonnacci – Found Not Guilty at Trial of First-Degree Murder)

4. Commonwealth vs. Jeffrey Paulish (Diocese of Scranton Priest charged with Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors – plead Guilty Corruption of Minors- served minimum sentence of six-months)

5. Commonwealth vs. James Romano (Chief of Police Scott Township charged with Witness Tampering, Official Oppression, for sleeping with a Witness – plead No Contest to the charge Hindering Prosecution, sentenced six-months nonreporting probation)

6. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Michael Simonson (stomped another inmate while incarcerated and escaped from the same Prison – Found Not Guilty at Trial of Attempted First-Degree Murder)

7. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Chester Chilewski (Acquitted at Trial on charges – Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Assault)

8. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Jason Warner (Acquitted at Trial on charges – Rape of a Child, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors)

9. Commonwealth vs. Wandaly Perez-Hood (Sentenced to Life in Prison avoiding the Death Penalty, Guilty at Trial of First-Degree Murder of four-year-old child Isaiah Hood)

10. Commonwealth vs. Ryan Harding (plead Guilty Third-Degree Murder for shooting Rashaun Crowder on Cinco De Mayo at Lackawanna College)

11. Commonwealth vs. Eric Gower (Truck Driver hit local Atrium Bridge closing traffic into the City of Scranton charged with Felony: Risking a Catastrophe, plead to Misdemeanor Reckless Endangering Another Person and received a Supervisory Sentence)

12. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Judith Marc (charged with First-Degree Murder of 92-year-old man in her care at her residence – awaiting Trial)

13. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Tiffany Timko (charged with Vehicular Homicide and leaving the scene of the accident under Kevin’s Law – pending preliminary hearing July 8, 2015)

14. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Dr. Stephanie Tarapchak (charged with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death, Illegal Medical Practice, Delivery Outside the Scope of Medical Practice, Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Fraud, Fraudulent Business Practices, Corrupt Organizations – as a Doctor in Ashland, Pennsylvania – result in a split verdict for the doctor and one of the major felony charges, “Contraband” (F2) – Being Dismissed prior to deliberation on the case)

15. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Tanner Curtis: (a juvenile (16 years old) charged with Second-Degree Murder of a Scranton Police Officer during active duty), currently awaiting the Decertification Hearing to determine whether the case proceeds in Adult Court or returns to the Juvenile System for adjudication.

16. Commonwealth vs. Preston Bonnett: (Three-counts of Murder and Arson – Acquitted First-Degree Murder, guilty of Arson and Second-Degree Murder)

17. Commonwealth vs. Joshua Hupperterz: (Open Count of Murder in Philadelphia – found Guilty of First-Degree, Life Sentence; co-counsel)

18. United States vs. Shawn Cavanaugh: (Bank Robbery – Federal Case, Luzerne County: guilty plea)

19. Commonwealth vs. Jabar Whitfield: (charged Attempted Homicide – pled to Aggravated Assault by Physical Menace sentenced to 18-36 months credit for 17-months time served)

20. United States vs. Mark Icker: (charged in State and Federal Court with Solicitation, Official Oppression, Obstruction of Justice, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault – pled to Federal: Violation of Civil Rights with an agreed-upon sentence of 12 years)

21. United States vs. Aaron Broussard: (charged with Drug Delivery Resulting in Death, two medical school students, pending trial)

22. United States vs. Faizal Bhimani: (Human Trafficking, Prostitution – Federal Case, Monroe County: Pretrial Stages, no trial date set)

23. Commonwealth vs. Cornelius Mapson: (charged with First-Degree Murder and the government is seeking the Death Penalty, scheduled for trial March 23, 2020)