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Proven Defense Against Nonviolent Charges

As a seasoned Lackawanna County defense lawyer, I bring an intimate understanding of the criminal justice system to my practice.

If you face criminal charges of a nonviolent nature, you can count on me to build a strong strategy with the aim of avoiding a conviction and reducing your exposure to the collateral consequences of criminal charges.

I defend clients in Lackawanna County facing charges for alleged offenses such as:

It is crucial to avoid the mistake of equating “nonviolent” with “no big deal.”

These charges can result in punishments including harsh fines, jail time and prison sentences, as well as collateral consequences that can follow you for years or decades after your case has been resolved.

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I know how important it is for you to get the wheels turning your defense. I share your sense of urgency and look forward to protecting your rights, your good name, and your future.

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