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Defending Underage Persons From DUI Charges

People make mistakes. But, particularly for young people, these mistakes should not weigh them down for the rest of their lives. Underage driving under the influence (DUI) is no different.

Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. I am Bernard J. Brown, founder of Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law. I have dedicated my career to diligently fighting on behalf of criminal defendants to protect their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

I Am An Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney

Because the Lackawanna County area serves as home to so many educational institutions, underage (drinking) DUI is a fairly common criminal charge. Your child is not alone. If your child is facing criminal charges for DUI (drinking), Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, can help.

I understand the criminal legal system intimately. I provide clients with legal judgment shaped both by the law books as well as by how the law is actually practiced in the real world. I can help you and your child understand how the assignment of a particular prosecutor or judge may affect the legal strategies you pursue. I understand that knowing the opposition and the arena forms an essential part of your juvenile criminal defense strategy.

Compassion In Your Time Of Need

I take the time to advise my clients personally and provide 24-hour attorney access. I will always answer your questions and not an assistant or a paralegal. I understand that, particularly with respect to an underage client, a person’s future may be at stake. I realize the gravity of the situation and diligently work to reward your confidence in my service.

I can help you and your child understand all available legal options, including options such as consent decrees, diversionary programs and probationary periods. Additionally, I can advise you and your child as to the expungement process. An expungement would remove the criminal charge from your child’s public record permanently, thus reopening the door to future educational and professional opportunities.

Get Help From A DUI Attorney Today

To speak with an experienced Carbondale, Pennsylvania, and Lackawanna County area underage DUI defense attorney, please call my firm Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, at 570-281-8117. You can also make an appointment by contacting my firm online. Your case will remain confidential.