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Defending Against Charges Of Violent Crime

As a Lackawanna County criminal defense attorney, I assist clients facing the most serious charges anyone can face, including murder, domestic assault and sex crimes. I understand that your future is on the line and don’t take the gravity of your choice of legal representation lightly.

You can rely on me to prepare your defense thoroughly and challenge the case against you before it even gets before a judge and jury. I will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring you understand your rights and your options so you can make informed decisions about your defense.

Serious Charges Require A Serious Defense

Now is not the time to represent yourself or plead guilty to curry favor with the judge. If you face criminal charges of a violent nature, the only way to avoid consequences such as prison time and a felony record is to avoid a conviction altogether.

I regularly advise clients who, like you, face damaging charges involving:

I bring a detailed understanding of the criminal justice system to these crucial cases. I can provide you with legal judgment shaped by the law books as well as my real-world experience representing your fellow Pennsylvanians.

Rape, Domestic Violence And Other Violent Crimes

Your future is too important to settle for anything less than experienced representation. Call 570-281-8117 or contact me online to schedule your initial consultation.