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Defense Against Child-Related Charges Is Critical

Few criminal charges carry a more negative stigma than crimes related to children. Defending yourself against charges of child abuse requires an attorney completely dedicated to protecting your name.

I am exactly that kind of attorney. My name is Bernard J. Brown, the founder of Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law. I make my clients’ causes as my own. If you face charges of child abuse or any other type of violent crime, I will diligently protect your rights throughout the criminal defense legal process.

You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I work hard to ensure the system observes that your rights are observed and that you truly benefit from the adage, “Innocent Till Proven Guilty.” This is no small task in today’s 24-hour media world. Many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty. I became a defense attorney for exactly this reason: to fight for defendants’ crucial right to the presumption of innocence.

Honest Discussions About Your Legal Options

As your defense attorney, I will begin working immediately to gather the evidence being used against you. I analyze it for myself, so I can provide you with a candid and frank opinion. This openness creates the kind of attorney-client relationship that maximizes the likelihood of successful representation. With this knowledge in hand, I can advise you of your options and how to achieve them. I work collaboratively with all my child abuse defense clients to challenge the prosecution’s evidence before their case even gets to court.

At Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, I have handled many high-profile cases in my career as a defense lawyer. Learn more about the major cases that I have handled.

Begin Your Defense Immediately

The sooner you begin your defense, the better your chances of a successful case outcome. If you live in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, or the Lackawanna County area, please call the office of Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, at 570-281-8117. You can also send my office an email to schedule an appointment.