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A Strong Domestic Violence Lawyer In Lackawanna County

Domestic violence used to only mean a husband-and wife-situation. Today, domestic violence includes violence between roommates, relatives and live-in boyfriends and girlfriends, among others.

If someone has accused you of domestic violence, many people will want to prevent you from defending yourself because they have already decided you are guilty.

You need experienced legal counsel to protect your rights. I am Bernard J. Brown. At my law firm, Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, I diligently defend clients from all varieties of domestic violence. I also handle cases involving child abuse allegations. No matter what charges you face, I will work tirelessly to protect your future.

Domestic Assault Charges: What To Know

You must keep two issues in mind regarding domestic violence charges:

  • Previous allegations or convictions may affect your case. Often called a “404b” issue after its legal code provision, the prior acts doctrine means that the court will consider prior bad acts in previous domestic violence disturbances when assessing your case.
  • If a child is not the victim of the domestic violence, but nevertheless sees or hears the violence, the child may testify without your lawyer asking the child any questions in your defense. I am Bernard J. Brown, an experienced defense attorney for violent crimes, I understand how to handle this very delicate issue in a way that protects the child but also observes your right to defend yourself in court.

I Can Help The Court Understand Your Situation

Many people do not understand that once an arrest happens, the alleged victim cannot control the matter. Even if he or she does not want authorities to press charges against you, the state may continue anyway. “Sorry” does not stop the wheels of justice from turning. The prosecutor holds the ultimate discretion.

I can communicate with the prosecution to help them understand the circumstances of the event, which can give the court a crucial context about your unique situation.

Get Help From A Domestic Violence Attorney

To schedule an initial consultation with me, call Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, at 570-281-8117. You can also make an appointment by contacting me via email. I will keep all communications confidential.