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Experienced Homicide Defense Lawyer Serving Northeastern Pennsylvania

Facing murder or manslaughter charges means your liberty and, very often, your life is at stake. Unfortunately, too few clients understand their rights and how to properly defend them. A complicated and intricate legal system poses an overwhelming obstacle to people defending themselves.

I am Bernard J. Brown, an attorney who has dedicated his career to defending clients from criminal charges. My law firm, Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Scranton, Carbondale and elsewhere in the Lackawanna County area. If you face charges of homicide or manslaughter, I am prepared to defend your rights aggressively. Read more about my law firm’s major cases.

Diligence – Honesty – Experience

The responsibility is very serious when clients are facing murder or manslaughter charges. To this end, I make each client’s case my own. I understand how to challenge the evidence against you, sometimes before the case even gets in front of a judge. I provide excellent legal judgment honed by years of experience. I understand not only the law books but also the real-world application of the law.

I diligently provide clients with the legal knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions about their own futures. I always ensure that clients receive candid and frank legal counseling so they know exactly where their cases stand.

24-Hour Availability For All Clients

I understand the urgency most clients face when charged with murder, manslaughter or other violent criminal charges. To best meet this need, I provide 24-hour availability. For clients, this availability often means the difference between spending the night in jail and waking up in one’s own home in the morning.

Start Your Defense Against Murder Or Manslaughter Charges

Schedule an initial consultation with experienced Lackawanna County murder defense attorney Bernard J. Brown: 570-281-8117. You can also make an appointment by contacting the firm online. All communications between potential clients and the firm are kept completely confidential.