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Facing Theft Charges in Carbondale?

Have you or a loved one been charged with theft or robbery in Carbondale, Tunkhannock or other parts of northeastern Pennsylvania? A theft charge can be classified as misdemeanor or a felony, but make no mistake, either way it’s a serious offense with penalties that can dramatically impact your life.

If you’re facing a robbery or theft charge — or even if you have only been identified as a suspect in an investigation — you need a tough, knowledgeable attorney who will look out for your rights. I am Lackawanna County robbery defense lawyer Bernard J. Brown, and I have extensive experience defending clients against burglary, robbery and other property crimes.

I Will Stand With You

When I take on your burglary defense or robbery case, I’ll explain the full details of the charges against you, give you an honest opinion of what I believe is the best strategy to take, and keep you informed throughout the process.

I start every case by listening carefully to a client’s account of an incident and working closely with him or her to settle on an ultimate goal. I review police reports thoroughly, and I’m proactive about collecting all other information that is pertinent to a case. If the facts of the case warrant it, I’ll push forward to a trial, where I will aggressively pursue a not guilty verdict.

I am a tough courtroom litigator, but if we agree that a plea bargain is a better way to go, I have the experience to negotiate the best available outcome for my clients.

I offer a free initial consultation, during which I’ll answer many of your questions regarding any theft or robbery charges that you or a loved one is facing. You can reach me at 570-281-8117, or you can use my online contact form.