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If You Face Gun Charges, Stand Up For Yourself

The past few years have seen an increase in gun crime charges. The federal government continues to strengthen its enforcement of these laws, particularly with respect to people purchasing firearms on behalf of other people who might not otherwise be eligible for gun ownership.

In light of these challenges, if you are facing gun charges, it is all the more important for you to have experienced legal counsel advising you.

I am Bernard J. Brown, a defense attorney who has dedicated his career to representing defendants in a variety of criminal cases. At my law firm, Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, I take your rights as a gun owner seriously. I understand the centrality of these issues in today’s political climate, and I know how to defend those rights on your behalf.

Personal Attention From An Attorney Who Cares

I provide my clients with the kind of personal attention their case requires. I take my clients’ gun cases on a personal level. Like you, I am invested in the outcome of your case.

When I am advocating on your behalf and preparing your case, I know that you have placed your future in my hands.

Legal Advice Based On Extensive Experience

In my career, I have handled numerous major criminal cases, from nonviolent offenses to violent criminal offenses. I have gained an intimate understanding of the criminal justice system. My knowledge gives me wise legal judgment that I use to help my clients.

When I provide legal guidance, I am not merely going by the book. I also know how prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges practice law in the real world. For example, I know how to assess our opposition and adjust your legal strategy based on the prosecutor involved in your case.

Available 24/7

I understand the urgency that you feel when charged with a gun crime. This is why I provide 24-hour availability. This could mean the difference between waking up in jail and waking up in your own bed.

Contact Me And I Will Stand Up For You

Contact Bernard J. Brown, Attorney at Law, to receive smart legal defense regarding your weapons charge. You can schedule an initial consultation when you call 570-281-8117.

To reach the firm online, send an email. All communications between potential clients and the firm are kept completely confidential.